Reliant Capital is built on a foundation of trust, honesty, loyalty and family values. Our founders have paired up with some of the leading manufactures and distributors in their respected industries, and have established partnerships based off these core values.  

As direct lenders/brokers in the equipment financing industry, we specialize in a wide variety of industries, including: Medical, Aesthetic, Chiropractic, Imaging, Labs, Diagnostic, Trucking, Construction and much more.


Reliant Capital has teamed up with underwriters nationwide to provide outstanding portfolios of leases and loans to our clients. We are able to finance deals nationwide and have the capability to perform underwriting, credit approvals, billing, accounting and servicing in-house, while providing great customer service. 

Our Team

Collectively, our team consists of over 50 years of industry experience. With credit, funding, accounting and billing being provided in-house, Reliant Capital is your one stop shop for all of your funding needs. Our goal is to make financing as quick and efficient as possible to ensure a great experience.

Jason Bernal President

Jason Bernal is a co-founder and President of Reliant Capital. He has worked in the industry for over 15 years and has established himself as one of the most trusted, respected and knowledgeable advocates in his field.


His career began in 2004 with Nationwide Funding. In a just 18 months, he established himself as one of the company's top producers, breaking company records. Jason then sought to expand his knowledge and experience by taking on the role of Vice President for Partners Capital Group. During this time, he helped grow a 100 million dollar business. Now, he is using his skills to build his own company, Reliant Capital, with the same values, dedication and team.

Brian Bernal Vice President

Brian Bernal is a co-founder and Vice President of Reliant Capital. He has over 15 years of experience in equipment financing and has funded 3,000+ leases specializing in the medical field. In his role as Vice President of Reliant Capital, Mr. Bernal is responsible for crafting and implementing the vision of the company.

Brian began his finance career at Nationwide Funding in 2004. In a short period of time he established himself as a premier financing specialist. He served as a sales executive with Partners Capital for the next 11 years. It was during this time Mr. Bernal's dedication to delivering financing solutions forged long-term, trusted relationships with Fortune 500 CEO's of manufacturing and distribution companies.

Cody Thompson VP of Operations

Cody Thompson brings extensive experience in leading and growing operation teams. He started his career at Balboa Capital. After a fruitful 2 years in sales, he decided to pursue his passion in leading operations. Since then Mr. Thompson has successfully grown operational and sales teams. In addition to leading teams, he has an expert level of understanding credit profiles, company financials and a deep knowledge of the equipment financing industry.


With the opportunity to partner with talented sales reps, Cody is excited to make Reliant Capital the best provider in equipment financing. 

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